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Site Repair Of Power Transformer And Reactors.

  • Internal Inspection of Transformers & Reactors up to 765kv Class.
  • Removal of Core Coil Assembly at site for inspection and repairing purpose.
  • Overhauling, Re-gasketing and Leakage repair of Transformers & Reactor up to 765kV Class.
  • Degassing & Dehydration of EHV Transformers.
  • Oil Filtration with high vacuum 6 KL and 12 KL filtration machine.
  • Supply and temporary installation of 20/35/45/60 KL oil tanks for storing transformer oil during repairs and new installations.
  • Supply and temporary installation of Dry Air Generator for Transformer.
  • OLTC Overhauling.
  • Transformer testing.