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Atlas Filtration Services was formed in 1986. Since then the company has grown at a steady rate to a point where it is well known in India’s Power and Utility Industry by establishing leadership through its commitment to highest quality standards, superior performance, reliability, safety and durability.

Atlas Filtration Services has a fleet of machines ranging from capacities 1200 LPH to 12000 LPH with onsite testing facilities such as Oil BDV Testing, Moisture Content Testing, checking IR and PI value of transformers.

Staffs are competent to perform their tasks, with on the job training being done on a continuous basis. In line with world-wide trends the company is updating equipment used to ensure that the most environmentally friendly plant and equipment is used.

Transformer Oil Filtration is done on De-energized Transformers as well as on Energized Transformers (Live Line). All work is done in accordance with company procedures which areupdated on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the latest technology and legal requirements.

Atlas Filtration Services will continue to provide and expand the following services offeredthroughout India.

  • Transformer oil filtration including de-sludging, on or off line.
  • Transformer oil vacuum drying.
  • Erection of transformer.
  • Overhauling of transformer.
  • Oil sampling and testing.
  • Supply of New Transformer Oil.

Only Atlas Filtration Services gives you a competitive edge by managing your electrical assets, using superior technology and engineering expertise to protect the integrity of your transformers and help keep you on line and in business.

At present we provide our filtration service to power plants, refineries, project EPC contractors, State Electricity Boards and all major industries throughout INDIA. We have worked up to 765KV/500MVA Transformers.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in transformer oil filtration services in the country by delivering unmatched experience, quality and innovation, while creating long term,..


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